Interesting Facts that you should know about the King of Kitchen called ‘Onion’

Hey Friends! Have you ever studied about the interesting facts about Onion? Stay here and take a look into this article to get the answer.

Whenever you visit the kitchen to prepare some dishes you will be searching for the onions first. Is it correct? Yes, onion has been such an important ingredient in most of the dishes.

Onions are capable of providing some unique taste to the foods along with a plethora of health benefits. There are several interesting facts about onions that you might not know until now.

Interesting Facts about Onion

  • Onions have been included in the food preparation even from ancient years. The onion cultivation seems to be found from the Bronze Age.
  • In the world, the first largest producer of onion is China, India holds the second place and the third one is America which yields thousands of metric ton onions.
  • One of the main onion facts that you must know is that they are worshipped by the ancient Egypt people. The Egypt ancestors have believed that the shape and concentric rings of the onion are denoting the symbol of eternity.
  • In order to improve the physical health for athletes, the Greek sports personalities would eat a large number of onions and its juice.
  • Onion is low in calories and it offers more calcium as well as vitamin C.
  • Many researchers have shown that onions were used as currency and gifts in the middle ages. And also they followed the method of giving the onions as payment to purchase the goods and service.You, people, hate onion as it will make you cry but don’t blame the onion hereafter. The presence of sulfuric acid in the onion reaches your eyes and it is resulting in tears. This is one of the fun facts about the onion that everyone needs to know.
  • The common myth that is believed by everyone in this World is that the slice of the onion is more poisonous when it is stored for later use. But, the real fact is that onions will not allow the formation of bacteria on it and so it non-toxic even if it is stored for a night.

Thus, these are the things to know about onions and its related facts. Many of the people don’t have heard about these facts in their lifetime. Still, there are many unknown facts that really admire you.