TCK Christmas Mail Appeal

It’s hard to go a single day without being bombarded with heart wrenching stories of the daily struggles of our fellow man. Stories of poverty, war, tragedy fill up the evening news. We often find ourselves sitting there with a hopeless feeling, “Where is the good in the world? What can I do? I am but one person.” At Christmas Time, as we celebrate all that God has blessed us with, this feeling often hits even harder.

With the Help of 40+ volunteer teams and many individuals, the Community Kitchen is doing God’s work and sharing His word every single day. We serve supper with a nightly devotion and prayer every evening, seven days each week.  This year our numbers for meals have held to an average of 35 people per night with as many as 50+.  We continue to see new faces almost on a nightly basis.

Our guests include elderly, disabled, veterans, homeless, children, families, minimum wage workers, addicts and the lonely.  We also continue to give out food boxes twice each month.  Here is where there has been a significant increase, and in a month’s time we regularly give out 180+ boxes that feed an average of 280 people.  We are seeing an increase in the need for additional assistance for many of our patrons. As our founders were called to feed the hungry, we are continuing to be called to search out additional ways to support our neediest members of our community.  This is where we need your help. Where you may be “The Good in the World”.

The Lord has been good to The Community Kitchen. We are blessed to be in our ninth year of operation. As we look forward to 2017, we continue to see an increased need for additional assistance & support for our patrons.  Not just providing meals, but providing resources and skills to improve their lives and help them find their way to self-sufficiency.  This desire was a driving factor in the purchase of the 7000sqft building on Champion Drive. Each of us can make a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters. Please make a tax deductible donation that truly honors Jesus’ commandment to love the Lord and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

The easiest way to donate is to click here  You may also drop off or mail a donation to TCK. Make checks payable to The Community Kitchen.

98 Pisgah Drive
PO Box 513
Canton NC 28716

Have a blessed and safe Christmas season,

Kimberly B Czaja
Executive Director



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December 15, 2016