Calvary Road Baptist Church Feeds Haywood County!

At the end of August, we received a phone call from Pastor Mark at Calvary Road. He asked if we would be interested in receiving 12,500 prepacked meals. It took a minute to process his question. They had decided to hold a Feeding Children Everywhere event and wanted to go big! So today at Pisgah High School they got to work. With a lot of joyful noise, running around sporting hairnets and all… the group packed over 25,000 meals. The Community Kitchen and Haywood Christian Ministries each received half.

Walking into the cafeteria was an awesome experience. You could feel God’s love flowing throughout the room. It truly warms the heart to see the youth of Haywood County once again stepping up and helping others. With all the turmoil in our country, we can stand strong in the knowledge that our youth are growing with strong values, giving hearts, and faith in the Lord.

We want to thank everyone for all the work today! These meals will go a long way in helping those in need in our community.

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November 12, 2016